Fairbanks Court Assisted Living provides assistance for living. Living means so much more than providing for daily needs, but those needs are foundational. We provide a home for seniors who may not be able to live safely on their own and may need a bit of help with daily tasks. We provide personal assistance for mobility, dressing, bathing, and dining. We provide three meals a day, seven days a week, and administer medication. Our experienced staff is eager to provide just the right amount of help, so that you or your loved one can get on with living.

Life Enrichment for the Oak Forest & Jersey Village, TX Areas

Our approach to life at Fairbanks Court Assisted Living involves three key aspects: Sharing, Moving, and Creating.


For many people the final years of life should represent the peak of their ability to influence others and the world at large. No group of people has greater wisdom, experience, or perspective. Your loved one's story is like no one else's, full of accomplishment and celebration as well as tragedy and pain. Each story contributes to the patchwork that makes Fairbanks Court Assisted Living colorful and vibrant, and each story is still being written. In our care your loved one's stories are not only treasured but nurtured.


Life is motion. Our bodies, minds, and hearts require movement. Movement means challenge and achievement. There is still much to be done and much to be accomplished late in life. Fairbanks Court Assisted Living encourages physical movement by getting outdoors for strolls around the walking path or hands-on time with our flower and vegetable gardens. We promote mental movement through games, crafts, and special events designed to stimulate the mind and encourage interaction. And we facilitate emotional movement through the nurturing of relationships, the sharing of art and music, and the love of children and animals.


We believe seniors have much to offer. Life requires new experiences and new skills. At Fairbanks Court Assisted Living we take the hobbies, passions, and dreams of our residents seriously. We help facilitate your loved one's contribution to your family and the broader world. Whether it be gardening, knitting, building models, painting pictures, or simply making phone calls and writing letters, we look for ways to help your loved one continue creating. Our residents' hobbies are welcome at Fairbanks Court Assisted Living, and their skills will be developed and appreciated.

Family and Fun

Grandchildren, great-grandchildren, extended family, and friends of all ages are welcome at Fairbanks Court Assisted Living. And when the kids come there is plenty for them to do. We play games, create crafts, and enjoy the beautiful outdoor playset. Our Lifestyle is one of laughter and love. Children are especially welcome, and many of our activities are designed with all ages in mind. We strive to bring children into the home multiple times per week because we are convinced of the ways in which both generations benefit. 

The family and friends of our residents are always welcome any time. Fun activities such as holiday celebrations, birthday parties, and weekly special events are great opportunities to participate in life at Fairbanks Court Assisted Living. Bring the whole family, and stop by as often as you can! There’s always something happening at Fairbanks Court Assisted Living.