A Unique Approach to Assisted Living

At Fairbanks Court Assisted Living our residents are more than our customers, they are part of the family. As family our residents are treated the way we would treat our own parents and shown the respect that they deserve. We believe that every individual has unique worth and deserves the chance to live securely and comfortably in an enriching environment. Our staff pride themselves on direct and meaningful interaction with each resident multiple times a day. We refuse to call ourselves an assisted living facility. Fairbanks Court Assisted Living feels like home.

We also believe that our residents still have a great deal to offer. From one-on-one conversations to pre-planned events and activities, residents are continually provided opportunities that promote a fulfilling and purposeful life. We want to learn from our residents' lives and help them pass down their wisdom. We want to continually stimulate creativity and challenge them to share their gifts with others. We also want to bring generations together by facilitating interaction with extended family, both local and distant. Visitors of all ages are encouraged, so let the kids enjoy the beautiful swing set in our large back yard. Our beautiful walking path and covered patio also promotes outdoor exercise and unplugged conversation. At Fairbanks Court Assisted Living we find ways to get your loved one moving both mentally and physically.

Choose our Senior Assisted Living Facility for Alzheimer's Care

Fairbanks Court Assisted Living is warm and inviting. Our residents’ families have remarked that it’s like a country home located in town. 

Fairbanks Court Assisted Living is one of a select number of small fully compliant facilities in the Houston City Limits, licensed as both a Type-B Assisted Living Facility with Alzheimer’s Certification by the State of Texas, and a Food Service Establishment by the City of Houston along with all of the oversight that implies. 

Our greatest asset is our size, allowing just enough space for comfort but small enough for intimacy and specialized care. The 16 beds are located in a mix of private and semi-private rooms. Other amenities include:

  • Excellent on-site parking
  • Easy accessibility from Hwy 290, I-10 W, or 610 N
  • A quiet, low-traffic residential neighborhood
  • Handicap accessible rooms and restrooms 
  • Sun room
  • Piano
  • Media room with recliners
  • Large family dining area 
  • Full egress controls as well as fire protection for maximum safety
  • Fully furnished bedrooms and linens
  • A casual decorative motif and atmosphere
  • Enclosed and protected backyard including: children's swing set, walking track, covered patio and raised planter boxes.

And much more! Schedule a tour to see the full extent of our facility. 

Meet the Gobers

David and Kate are the owners and directors of Fairbanks Court Assisted Living. Along with their boys, Kellen, Landry, and Barrett, they have made a family commitment to Fairbanks Court Assisted Living as their work and their ministry. The Gobers are active members of a local church and seek to follow the example of Christ by loving their Houston community. Their passion and dedication to Fairbanks Court Assisted Living will be felt as soon as you arrive so come on over for a visit. 

There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of the people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.
— Sophia Loren